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Recording RCPT (SMTP Envelope Recipient)

Jeff G.

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Andrew Engels Rump (formerly Leif Andrew Rump) <newandrew[at]rump.dk>

organized electrons in article

news:Xns95C3DE5DC6981newandrewrumpdk[at] that appeared as


> After drinking 3 Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, Blammo

> <ric.gates[at]bigsleep.org> mumbled in news:Xns95C2C9EF6F755blammo[at]


>> On 17 Dec 2004 Gingko entered spamcop.help and left

>> news:cpv6jc$jcc$1[at]news.spamcop.net:

>>> Two of these spams have addresses like "<number>[at]<my.mail.server>"

>>> in the "To" field.

>>> With theses addresses, I should have had two "unknown users" in

>>> the log files of my SMTP server.

>> Not necessarily, To: is not the same as SMTP RCPT TO:


> No and that include Bcc: (and Cc:). We need to get information

> from someone who records the SMTP RCPT TO:. I know spamcop.mail

> is "dead", but I have posted this to the group hoping that someone

> will take it over to the forum - or that I will do it on monday.


> What I am suggesting is that Jeff records the RCPT TO: - just as

> my own ISP does in a X-RCPT-TO:. A field just as Return-Path: which

> gives the SMTP input from MAIL FROM:.


> Andrew

Have you seen the "Delivered-To" Header Line? I've asked for a "for" clause on the Received Header Lines, there hasn't been enough support for that idea.

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