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Unable to renew subscription


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I have three Spamcop accounts.

One is a single for danielmvance[at]spamcop.net which expires May 2005

The other two were signed on together under the family plan $30 for first and $15 for the second. These expire Jan 1st 2005.

The second two accounts have received notice the accounts are expiring Jan 1st and includes a link to renew. The link does allow me to login under any of these accounts even though the passwords work for checking e-mail.

I want to resolve this issue ASAP.

BTW, I have referred several of my friends and clients to spamcop.net. I hope they do not have the same problems renewing their accounts.

Thank you for your quick assistance.

Accounts due for renewal are bethlvance[at]spamcop.net & nikivance[at]spamcop.net

Daniel M Vance



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Just to give more information, the problem may be with the family accounts as I just processed my renewal last week (single account) and had no problem.

Now, everytime I send someone somewhere for this type of problem, I am told I used the wrong address, but I think the one you want for account information is service<at>spamcop.net. Someone will be along shortly to correct me otherwise.

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You apparently didn't check the FAQ "here" .... there are links for Contact ... there are links about accounts .. and I would swear I put in a link to a discussion from a user that went through the whole sequence of adding in another account under the family plan and even explained how the 'money' was handled / applied to the accounts.

Steven .. I seem to recall that the last time this came up, you'd suggested hitting 'Don' up for info on an e-mail account .. Don is Julian's Admin guy on the reporting side of the house. Shoot, just did the second look thing and see that you did it again <g> But not all your fault, as the "Contact us" page is on both versions of the FAQ .... anyway, for the e-mail thing change "service" to read "support" ... that'll get it to JT, who is the "e-mail" account guy.

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I knew I would get that wrong again ;) Thanks for the update again.

I just seems to me there should only be one account payment person and my memory only wants to remember the service address.

You might have the key right there <g> Though there is still (I believe) the "Report Only" account, measured in fuel, those users rarely seem to ask about renewal problems, usually focusing in on account / logging-in / reporting issues, and these would go to Don for the www.spamcop.net details. I can't say for 100% accuracy here, but in general, all the posts here about renewal have been for the e-mail account .... save for the one guy hitting 'here' for what turned out to be a CES account, which has a different account (but still ending up with JT)

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There are two account payment people working for different companies and handling payments for different types of accounts.

Don at SpamCop.Net and IronPort (service at admin.spamcop.net) handles payments for paid SpamCop Reporting Accounts, which use fuel at the rate of "$1/MB". Ref: http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=paymenu (formerly http://www.spamcop.net/accountadd.shtml)

JT at CES (support at spamcop.net) handles payments for SpamCop Email Service Accounts, which include email (in spamcop.net, cesmail.net, and cqmail.net domains) and flat-rate reporting at the rate of "$30/year". Ref: http://mail.spamcop.net/pricing.php (and formerly http://www.spamcop.net/accountadd.shtml)

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