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What is my favorite food?


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What is my favorite food? The person who answers correctly will get best answer.
Update: ok. Fine. Since none of u guessed it, i give will give you all a hint. What is my favorite food.?
Update 2: Some people go into detail so if none of you guess it then one of the people who go into detail about the food will get best answer
Update 3: Indian Tiger i have no clue what you said. Also no one has guessed correctly yet.
Update 4: Cheese is one of my favorite foods. But not the one i am thinking about.
Update 5: Omg i told you already What is my favorite food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
918Kiss Malaysia
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Just stumbled upon this thread, and I have to say, your mystery food has got us all scratching our heads! I'm totally new to this forum, so bear with me if I get a bit too excited here. I'm placing my bet on something deliciously unexpected – have you ever had the joy of biting into a perfectly ripe mango? It's like nature's candy! Now, I know you mentioned {Link deleted by Moderator} and this tropical delight fits the bill, right? And hey, even if I'm way off track, I'm all ears for the details! Describe that favorite food of yours, and I'm ready for a mouthwatering adventure.

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10 hours ago, ninth said:

deleted by Moderator because it is off topic and wastes time.

Yes and no. Back in the day this sub-forum "Food & Cooking Techniques" was created under "Geek/Tech Things." This thread is no less relevant to fighting spam (with the exception of Hormel's S P A M) than anything else in this sub-forum. Should the forum be deleted? I think not.

Yes, years old threads. Yes, links to less relevant websites. But deleting old threads may result in even more broken internal links in these forum.

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oddly enough, slippery egg noodles are one way of crunching numbers, but Wat is a slippery dish that can be enjoyed while fighting spam. Just a geek could possibly know. (or someone fluent in crunching search numbers ;)
Enjoy whichever dish you prefer, as tastes in this world, encompassing different cultures, vary 😂

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