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continiuos spam/phishing links from track-server-100.com


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i have been continuously reporting spam and phishing links from 





here is the link for the various reports links














despite multiple reports to cloudflare.com the attacks have not stopped. what should i do ?

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Thank you for your continued effort.  It would have been more informative if you would have provided Tracking URLs

If you logout of SC and follow one of the your links I think you will see how little the rest of us see.


SpamCop v 5.0.0 © 2019 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:

That link is a TRACKING URL  and we all can see where reports were sent.

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4 hours ago, someone said:

Had a look at this one only; SpamCop abuse address cache needed refreshing (works now)

A good Whois for IPv6 addresses is 


Says it's from India  also send abuse to INCIDENT [AT] cert-in.org.in 

pradeep.elcom[AT]gmail.com  bounces/bogus



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a reply to each of these reports from  abuse@cloudflare.com

Thank you for your report.

To expedite processing of your abuse report, please submit your abuse report through Cloudflare's abuse reporting web form at:


Cloudflare offers network service solutions including pass-through security services, a content distribution network (CDN) and registrar services. Due to the pass-through nature of our services, our IP addresses appear in WHOIS and DNS records for websites using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is not a website hosting provider, and we cannot remove material from the Internet that is hosted by others.



and when i have attempted to report this via the above link the report is not accepted as can be seen from the attachment below.


any more suggestions ? i already reported this spam emails to





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I wouldn't bother with the links in the spam body. Oftentimes they are just sites that spammers try to get in trouble.

I know, in this case they are not, or most probably not, but many times, when they are connected to the spammer themselves, they contain a tracking link which links you (or better, your address) to the received spam, and every time the link gets a hit, it means for the spammer:

a) they get paid
b) they can send one or more spams to that email address

The less (or zero) activity the spammer gets on the link, the more likely your address will get dropped from his list.

And as you have already noticed, cloudflare doesn't care what or who they are hosting as long as they get paid

so again, my suggestion here is either:
a) don't report these kind of links
b) don't even bother reporting this type of spam

I know, the latter sounds counter intuitive, but taking into consideration that spamcop checks the link, that means that the spammer gets their activity and you'll get another swarm of spam delivered...

Of course, you are welcome to do some manual work and edit those links by removing the tracking path completely (with the notice for the abuse desk that the link has been modified to protect yourself)

here is a boilerplate I place in the spams I receive for that purpose:

Comments: The recipient of the email wishes to stay anonymous and therefore
       has munged his name and/or address for privacy reasons to strings like "x-x-x" or "x".
       Please respect his privacy. 

I was hoping SC version 5 would have the full links reduced to host/domain only and not the full path... pity

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