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Blocked - Help appreciated

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Hi there

This seemed to be a forum with some knowledgable people so I hope you could help me out.

Our IP address (which is static) seems to be listed on dynablock.njabl.org which describes itseld as a list of dynamic IP addresses that are suspect.

I have tried in vain to contact these people to remove us via their website and other means but I am being ignored.

I have also asked BT (our ISP) to request removal also to no avail.

Our IP address is

Is there another way to get these people to listen?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks


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Per their removal page:

It will not let you remove direct spam sources, dial-up ranges, multi-stage open relays, or dynablock.njabl.org listings.

Do not email asking for removal of dial-up/dynamic IPs unless we have incorrectly listed an IP as dynamic that is not. IPs that really are dynamic will not be removed. If you claim your IP space is not dynamic, it will have to meet one of two conditions for removal to be considered:

Your IP space must be reassigned via whois to show that it's "your address space".

There must be unique (non-scri_pt-generated) rDNS for your IPs. rDNS for of 1-2-3-4-blah.some.provider or blah-10-24-3-4.blah.some.provider do not qualify.

If the neither of the above are true, and the request comes from anyone other than the ISP that owns the IP space, the request will be totally ignored.

Your IP fails under both categories.

Per: http://www.senderbase.org/?searchBy=ipaddr...=

Network Owner British Telecommunications

Domain btopenworld.com

and your rDNS is: host = host81-137-222-210.in-addr.btopenworld.com

Once you get BT to change either of those entries, then you are on your own static IP. As it is, your IP may be static for you, but if you stop paying BT, it will be static for someone else.

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