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now my email address is source in spam


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For a few years I have been using SpamCop to bring to attention spamers that send me unwanted comercial spam.

Now for the last few weeks I am getting returned undelivered email and warnings about sending spam. The undelivered spam have my email address as the source, but the sending IP is not mine.

I even got a notice from SpamCop about my sending unwanted spam. Only the listed source email address on the spam was mine. I did not send it.

And when I checked the block list in SpamCop my email address came up with a foreign IP, it was not even an IP from my area of the US.

When I brought it to the attention of my email provider they just replied somebody was forging my email address as the sender to block their punishment/ detection.

At a loss as to what I should do next.

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I'm not sure why spamcop should send you a notice. It looks at the IP address, not the return address.

No one in a position to really hurt you should be fooled by the forged address. You may get some flames from clueless people who don't realize that the "From" address in spam is the one person in the world least likely to have sent the spam.

If you have filtering software like Mailwasher, look at the IP address in the "Received from" line of mail you have sent yourself to see what IP addresses your own mail comes from. Then, if anything lists your own email address as the sender but does NOT contain one of those numbers, flag it as possible spam, overriding your "friends" list.

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But I am getting 70 to +150 returned emails a day now as undeliverable, many with spam warnings from system administrators. Plus the one from SpamCop warning about my sending spam!!

This is quickly overloading my email account. Only my named email address is in the sent by line, my IP is not the one in the source but I sure get alot of complaints from various system admins about sending porn type spam to their members.

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