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SPAM and rules


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I'm using Sendmail + Spamassassin + a global .procmailrc file that calls rules from a custom spam checker from http://agriroot.aua.gr/~nikant/nkvir/ and I've added more rules from http://www.rulesemporium.com

I still get at least 100 spams a day even though my sendmail is doing a check of sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org each time we get mail. I know that the RDNS check is working as I see it in my logs. I'm also seeing spam being filtered by Spamassassin.

Is anyone else using this combination and if so, what kind of results are they getting? I'm tired of all the spam that I'm getting and I know that there's people that have systems setup that don't get a single one, or a very small amount.


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I think it's more of a perspective of how many spams do you get before all this? If you typically get 500-700, and 100-150 are still getting through, which is my case, I feel I'm doing pretty good.

I feel most of these are either fresh, or people like myself don't report them because I spend enough time reporting only adult and adult-related spam. If I also allowed my time to include mortgage quotes, perhaps I would begin getting less of those. I know my adult and adult-related spam has gone down from a few months ago.

Not to mention, I feel pretty good for reporting on fresh spam. I try hard to report quickly - I like seeing that "Yum, this spam is fresh" message :)

I only have three spamwalls: 1. My host has one setup which I don't see and have limited control over. 2. Mailwasher blacklist checks (Spamcop and one other) and automatic filtering/removal. 3. Mailwasher personal filter lists (also automatic removal) which probably catch a total of the other two combined.

I'm just happy that only 1 or 2 get through to my Outlook in a 2-4 week period. But that's just from the time I hit the Check/Process button in Mailwasher to the time I switch over to Outlook and hit Send/Receive All (about 3-5 seconds).

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