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Reporting util for Outlook 97


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Anyone know of a spam-Deputy-like util for Outlook 97? SD requires at least OL2000 as does everything listed in the FAQ. One of my users is running OL97 (we've got more licenses for that than OL2000) and would like to report all the crap she's getting.

I tried posting in the newsgroups, but was met with deafening silence, so I'm asking in here. :-)


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That's a rough one. Outlook 97 pre-dates a lot of things. There was a patch, later incorporated into SR-1 .. but depending on the type of install/configuration, SR-1 might not install the patch .. on and on .. and then there was that period that a "free" upgrade to Outlook 98 was available.



But even with all that, the best you can do is attempt the two-part form web page submittal due to the way that the e-mail is handled internally by Outlook 97. I seem to recall that someone had written up a macro or two, but it turns out that it only worked if things were configured 'just so' ... lots of complaints from folks that had it installed in "corporate" mode (basically looking for an Exchange type server) and in that mode, there are no real headers.

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