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Spamcop forum doesn't use HTTPS?


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14 hours ago, klappa said:

It's ridiculous why is that? Please add that and Google Authenticate immediately to stop Spamposts while at it.

First, why https for the forum? There is nothing going on that needs extra encryption overhead. At least not that I know of.
Besides, https doesn't necessarily mean secure: Heartbleed vulnerability?

Second, unless it's bank or credit card related, I hate every place that requires me to have a 2-step verification. Google or otherwise.

Besides, even a place that has 2-step verification can get hacked and the information stolen... google plus rings a bell... oh, right, google authentication...

While the spamposts are annoying if you are up before Lking, they are easy to spot and overlook (or just mark them as read - I also mark them as spam while I'm at it)

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