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URL missed by scanner


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I'm not a paying user, and I don't know if there is a better place to share this information, but I thought the following might be useful to the SpamCop team.

Here is an excerpt from a spam I received that contained URLs that the SpamCop reporter page did not see:



');" style="font: 8pt verdana, sans-serif;">


.We necessarily shall answer to you.

<HTML> <font face="System"> <object style="display: none; "



The spam was HTML-only, there was no ASCII part. Note that the first URL takes advantage of a bug that causes some browsers to hide parts of a URL that follows %01. I can see why ScamCop might not want or be able to deobfuscate java scri_pt commands such as the one in the first URL, but it seems like the <object> tag surrounding the second URL should be parsed.

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