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[Resolved] Can't log in, can't cancel account.

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My spamcop.net account is nothing but spam now and I get the message that my account has been hacked. I've tried to log in to the account, but I'm locked out. I tried resetting my password, which sends a new password to a backup email account, but apparently the hackers can change the reset password before I even use it, because I can't log in with that either.  How do I close my account? Is there anyone minding this store?

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report through SpamCop the hacked crap
Everyone is getting this looks like old servers with hardrives were sold?
To cancel account try here

You need to goto preferences to update
Go to preferences
Always click "save changes"

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Hey freewheeling, 

Also, contact SpamCop Admin direct:

go to: [   https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=contactform&reason=Feedback&details=Can't+log+in%2C+can't+cancel+account  ]

Fill out online form: 

[Handle] not essential,

[Email address] essential. (provide SCA with an email address you can log in too so SCA can communicate with you).

[pertinent details] essential >> 

Spamcop.net account has been hacked.
Spamcop.net account unable to log in.
Desired outcome: Reset account, cancel account.... etc. (Whatever would be the best possible solution for you)

SCA are very responsive.


I'm assuming the [backup email account] is not a SpamCop acc but something like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook? Does this account have a separate "recovery" account specified?

If there's any way of recovering this [backup email account] , then securing it with 2 factor authentication, e.g. Ph#, Pin #, so that, moving forward, whether you continue to use SC or not, you have use of your mail accounts without issue.


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On a side note, I've never had a spamcop.net email account, but have seen examples of "your account has been hacked" messages arriving at a small number of my email addresses. Don't shy away from reporting them - the ones I've seen have always been traced back to somewhere other than the server hosting the supposedly hacked account.

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