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smime and Pkcs12 format

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I enabled the SMime support and was all excited about finding support for it. But then I saw this in the help:

"Key pairs must be imported as PEM format keys (pkcs7 format). Pkcs12 format is not supported."

Yet, IE 6 only allows me to export my keys as Pkcs12. The other option, pkcs7, is greyed out. In monkeying around with export options, I found including the private key while exporting is what seems to cause this.

Am I stuck and must wait for Pkcs12 support? Or do I really need that private key?


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I'd say you have probably answered your own question.

Anyway, Google returns include;

http://marianne.in2p3.fr/datagrid/ca/ca-help.html which talks about converting and the separation of ...

http://users.skynet.be/ballet/joris/SimpleCA/Readme.html kind of backs up what I just said ...

http://staff.washington.edu/fox/soap/ - some tools




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