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Reporting misdirected bounces

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I received my first misdirected bounce today and I decided to try reporting it through spamcop since the change to the reporting rules here. On that page, it specifically states:

Messages which may be reported:

There are several types of responses to forged email that SpamCop has in the past prohibited. However, these messages have become a big enough problem that we now allow them to be reported as the spam that they technically are.

Examples of messages in this category:

1. Misdirected bounces

This message: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z725750634z8f...9c33cdcec9f81dz

was returned to my daughters (7 years old) email address. (And she was apparently on a machine bzq-82-80-177-213.red.bezeqint.net when she did this ;) )

The result was almost what I expected:

This message looks like a bounce, will not report.

Do not report bounces as spam!

Message is old

Nothing to do.

What is the latest data on the FAQ change? Are these reportable? If so, why did this one fail?

(this message was sent to the deputies as well)

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I can't offer up anything other than what's gone one thus far. Newsgroup traffic kind of halted when it basically dropped down to Ellen asking for the data to be sent to Deputies ..... never hear anything more about it ...??? This is about almost all of that recently changed FAQ (and noting that no one has yet stepped up to the plate admitting to changing it, other than the bit of obvious advertising for an appliance ..??) ...

Sorry .. maybe you'll get something back on your specific, but ..???

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Reply (in part) from Richard:

The rules have changed, but the coding hasn't necessarily caught up with the rules.  I think bounces were picked up through various tests and Julian is removing that code as it is discovered.  This should be completely fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

Still no ownership of the changes, however.

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