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Date checking spam


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I'd like to find out when the date of spam is checked when reporting?

It seems that much of the work is done, then date is checked and the spam is kicked out if it is over 3 days old.

So we have to wait while you resolve IP's, etc. only to find out the spam is too old.

Shouldn't any checking that would cause the spam to be kicked out be done first?

Check the date, if it's too old stop there and kick it out. Don't bother IP checking etc.


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3 days old? that was a long time ago.  It has been changed to 1 day old/24 hours for a while now.

I missed that somehow .... I had put the 48-hour change into the Announcements section, added that data to the Forum Faq etc., etc. ... http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/188.html still states 48 hours ...????

The original query is interesting though, in that a recent discussion in the newsgroup had the opposite situation described .. user wishing the parse would continue, rather than bombing out ..???

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