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Simple view and technical view - automated switch


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SpamCop switches to the technical mode on me again and again, forcing me to log on and switch it back to simple mode.

I personally do not mind the full technical details when there is a problem, but more than 90% of the time the simple mode will do, and I would prefer the simple mode be on for EVERY spam except for those few that require me to see the full technical details.

Instead, if one message needs the technical details be supplied to me I get them for every one of the messages I have submitted as spam, be it 10, 20 or 30.

My choice would be for ALL to be in simple mode unless there is a problem and then to get the technical details for only that one problem message. That would draw my attention to the fact that that particular message IS a problem. As it is now, I have no idea which of the 10, 20 or 30 that were submitted in one block via Agent and Forward Verbatum is the problem, so I am more likely simply to be annoyed and ignore the whole issue. I doubt that was the intention, but as long as I can block submit them using Forward Verbatum, that will be the case.

Besides, the simple view is a shorter and faster transmission and will save bandwidth, which should aid SpamCop in the long run, and only providing the full techincal details where they are actually needed likely will result in more users selecting the simple view as their default choice. ;)

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I believe many would disagree.

I would rather see as much technical/debug detail as possible on all of them.


Then you would set your preferences to technical detail view. Then all of yours come as full technical detail. I have my preference set to Simple output view, so get annoyed when I get the full technical detail view for all of my submissions when only one needs it. This would never impact those who select to get the full technical details for every message all the time.

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While I keep technical details set for both my accounts, I agree with rsh that the option should be honored, except where there is a specific reason (possible problem) to show the full details. rsh is not the first person to complain that the switch gets flipped and never flips back without intervention.

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