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really confused here


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Hi all,

we are very, very confused about spamcop.

I've registered, and now I want to report a belgian spammer.

I login to www.spamcop.net, and use my login and password.

but now ???

where do I past the full headers to report spam ?

there are some buttons, but NO button to report spam.

can anyone help us ?

info[at]webline.be please, and on this list

kindest regrads,

bob lenaerts

webline ISP

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I moved your post out of the "How ti use ..." Forum and placed it into the "Reporting Help" Forum .... (I aslo see that you are here now, so won't do a PM <g>)

The first obvious thing I can think of, especially noticing your sig line ... you signed up for an ISP account, which is not used for "reporting" ... rather, that account type is used to "handle reports received" ..... Having and using that account has its purposes, and if you really are an ISP Admin, I'd say keep that account for future use .... Try another account registration (using another e-mail address) and pretend that you are not an ISP <g>

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