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How to Filter Mail by Subject Header 4 Forwarding


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I have tried an number of times to try and filter email lists I subscribe too so that they are not held, but all are forwarded.

When this comes through SC, the email is identified by the sender. If I was to take the approach of whitelisting each sender, it would be endless with an unmanagable whitelist.

I go into "Webmail" (I can never work out why the preferences are located there as part of the information architecture design), then "Options", then "Filters" then "Filter Settings".

"Filter Rule" is "For an incoming message that matches: Any of the following".



"[Exact Name of List]"

"Deliver into my INBOX"

"Mark message as: " (everything unchecked).

Why isn't this working? How/Where/What should I do to set up these filters?



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I'm wondering why you'd have a problem with configurations settings being found under the "webmail" application, as one would assume that this is the application that is being used/configured. But then again, you posted this into the Forum section that was set up to handle the configuration of one's MailHost identities for one's reporting account/actions ...???? (This posting/Topic will be moved to the Forum section dealing with the use of a SpamCop E-Mail account.) Based on the use of the wrong Forum, the gist of the query itself, the assumption is going to be made that you have not availed yourself at looking at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and more specifically, read up on the existing procedures, answers, and guidane items already offered up in that item with the suggestive title bit of "read before posting" ....

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