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50% false positives

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For the past couple of days, about half of genuine e-mail messages being sent to me have ended up in held mail. These include messages from people who have sent e-mail to me before, as well as those who have not. The confirmation message to sign onto this forum even was sent to the Held Mail folder!

The system is BROKEN. What is going on?

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As Merlyn states, the usual result of this type of issue seems to fall back on the user reporting his/her own ISP/server ... there is plenty of dialog available in other discussions within this Forum talking about this issue, the need for oversight (especially if Quick-Reporting), running through the MailHost configuration for your account to minimize the possibility of self-reporting, and how and what to look at in the e-mail headers to determine why these e-mails were moved to the Held folder. I haven't even mentioned the FAQ yet ...

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