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Bounce Message Problem


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This is not a SpamCop problem, but I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

About four to six weeks ago, I started getting 20 to 50 or more messages each day that purport to be bounce messages from various domains for undeliverable mail. According to the Received lines, they are being mailed to various randomly generated names in my domain. They come in bunches, with the address in my domain usually being the same in each bunch.

All are mortgage spam messages from with a link to "...gr8lendez.com/x/loan.php?id=jrwriter".

When I look at the message purportedly being bounced, my domain nor IP do not usually appear anyhere in the headers for the message being bounced. I'm not listed in the Reply-To or From fields, nor any others. In a few cases, I've seen the fake address show up in a Return-Path field. But most of the messages don't show a Return-Path field in the header.

So why are the bounce messages coming to me and what can I do about it?



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