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What happened to spamlinks.net?


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For the last few months, I was using http://spamlinks.net/ in place of my previous spam reporting address bookmark of http://banspam.javawoman.com/report3.html

Spamlinks was VERY comprehensive and included a lot of reporting addresses I hadn't seen elsewhere or were simply not up-to-date on the banspam site and other online lists.

But now it's gone! And worse, the page appears to be one big advertisement!

There's a link to find out "why am I seeing this website", but the link sends an e-mail somewhere, which, ironically, I fear might only serve the purpose of address harvesting.

Anyone have any info of the fall of this nice online resource? Google came up with nothing indicating the site was even no longer available.

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WHOIS data now reads:

Creation date: 26 Mar 2002 18:11:56

Expiration date: 26 Mar 2006 18:11:56

Which goes along with it now resolving back to the good old link page you remember <g>

I also noted that I used a mirror in the Forum FAQ ... there are others ... the HTML files are even available if you'd want to offer up another mirror ... http://sysadmin.info/spamlinks/spamlinks.htm though noting that there is quite a bit of difference, assume that this mirror hasn't actually been updated ...

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