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SSL for Symbian S60 etc (phones)?


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I tried a bit, e.g. sending the .cer file to my symbian OS Nokia phone via bluetooth (wasn't accepted/handled), anyone knows if there is a symbian package for adding Equifax certificate to phone?

I use Nokia 7650 here. Nokia offers its own code signing certificates so I got a bit insight to the scheme. It must be installed like a program I suppose.

I thought maybe someone here knows. Hunting web for such thing is potentially dangerous.

My Nokia 7650 bugs me each time for "untrusted" certificate, I must click "continue" each time or turn off security which is never a good idea on cell networks.

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See you posted over in the newsgroups ... came back here to search, was surprised to find this post here ...

First of all, the U.S. set of pages at http://www.nokia.com/ don't offer up that model number .. so gave up trying to work around that small issue after blowing a bit over 45 minutes reading the FAQ sheets on other models .... It would appear that perhaps you'd have better luck picking the right 'area' or asking them yourself???

It appears that http://www.nokia.com.tr/id1781.html is as close as I can get you to some data ....???

Some other discussions 'here' about SSL connecitons, certificates, etc. ....

no idea if they'l be of any help, as I believe you are asking about loading data to the phone, but ...????






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