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E-Mail submittal from HotMail web-mail


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As copied from a SpamCop newsgroup posting somewhere within the last number of years by a SpamCop user;

Here is an alternate method of forwarding as attachment in hotmail.

1) Right click on the spam in hotmail mailbox.

2) Click on copy shortcut.

3) Paste shortcut into the address box.

4) Append "&raw=disk" (no quotes).

5) Press go.

6) When screen opens showing spam details (this has not opened the spam), press Ctl-C.

7) Open wordpad.

8) Paste clipboard into wordpad.

9) "Save as" a text file

10) Repeat for each spam in your mailbox.

11) Now open a new mail in hotmail and attach the text file(s) and send THAT to SC for parsing.

12) You will receive the usual response from SC for further processing.

This SOUNDS like a very long involved process but in actuality it is very fast (the key is the &raw=disk trick.)


A SpamCop user and forum reader

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