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> Do you think my email address will get blacklisted because it's linked to this spam

> or does that process use the sending domain to verify?

In theory if it did (get listed) you could appeal to the listers and explain it's not coming from you - which can be proved. In practice, not all ISPs are geared to listen. Many of them profit immeasurably from spam see <http://www.spamhaus.org/statistics/networks.lasso>.

> Thanks again!

You're more than welcome. Good luck.

Email addresses are generally not blacklisted except sometimes at the client end because they are easily forged. Servers usually blocklist the connecting IP address because they can not be forged.

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It seems like I need all of these receiving machines to run this sort of verification... Anyway, I'm probably misunderstanding something.

Not sure what you are referring to here. If you are referring to the fact that you are receiving emailed 'bounces', there is no 'need' for admins to accept email and then send it to the forged email address. They can identify non-existent email addresses at the server level or they can drop them if they do accept them. And they do not need any new technology to do that.

A few end users may not understand about forged email addresses on spam and either block you or send you hate email. Some of the 'bounces' may be generated by users of Mailwasher, a filter that has a 'bounce' feature. In general, though, the main irritation is getting the bounces, not being blocked because your email address is on the spam. No ISP will block on email addresses.

There is little that can be done to the spammers for using your email address because it costs so much to track them down and lots of times, they don't have any money if you can find them and prosecute.

To clarify, you can report the 'bounces' but not the spam within the bounces via spamcop. The IP address from which the bounce comes gets a report and the report is added to the spamcop blocklist. Some server admins who get the spamcop report (and possibly get added to the blocklist) learn not to 'bounce' email to the forged address. Reporting via spamcop does not stop the spammer, but it can help you to filter spam if you use a filter that has the spamcop blocklist as an option.

Miss Betsy

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... No ISP will block on email addresses. ...
Hopefully - certainly none should but the iniquity of some is unbounded (almost burdened you all with some gratuitous detail at this point but an uncharacteristic rush of reticence came over me - partly). No ordinary person's ordinary mail (admitting alternatives exist for either object) should be blocked on that basis but if it happens and your own ISP can't help (though they darn well should be able to) then by all means come back (with the full and exact rejection message and your ISP's outgoing server name[rDNS]/IP address) for sympathy at least but hopefully some useful advice as well.
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Personally (though I do support SpamCop and financially) the efforts of reporting agencies - including SEC, FBI - are next to hopeless.


...Compared to the number of complaints they receive, you are probably right but there are exceptions. For example:

Unhappily, such examples of success in the war against spam (as conducted by the governmental reporting agencies) are too few and far between.

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