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So bad in so many ways


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JeffG hasn't worn his Moderator hat in a long while, StevenUnderwood hasn't said anything, so I'll go with bringing this out into the open. We start with a user that has yet to finish the registration process, the first guess being that as he used a HotMail address, the validation e-mail is probably sitting in the junk folder and that hasn't been looked at (or worse, it's set to auto-delete everything)

Then we go that the attempt at posting / contact was to use the "Report this Post" button, which is normally used for bringing something bad to one/all of the Moderator's attention. The below "added comments for explanation" hardly qualify as "reporting a bad post" .... This Forum is set up to allow reading by anyone, so will also have to guess that very little reseach time was spent prior to clicking on the button.

So the bottom line is that the "Reported Post" PM is being placed here to serve as a really bad example as to how to ask for help here ... Secondary issue is that if this user does return, perhaps some reading time will be spent and he will see this posting, perhaps to follow through on the registration process ..???? There really is no way to "respond" to the query (unless one of the mind-readers is in the area ... It just seems so odd that he'd be in the vicinity of the FAQ when this action was taken ...????


You have been sent this communication from joe canter via the "Report this post to a moderator" link.


Topic: Original SpamCop FAQ Plus - Read before Posting


Link to post: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...t=0entry14136



please can you help me report spam email



The SpamCop Discussion team.


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