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Spammers getting bored?


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Not that I'm complaining in the slightest, but am I the only one that has noticed a strangely large drop in spam quantity this week? (Mon 18th to Fri 22nd) I tend to pick up about a dozen or so daily between my frequently used addresses. This week, one. Total. That's it. Sadly, I know it won't last, all a part of 'regression to the mean' I'm sure, but odd nonetheless.

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I've noticed a notable increase in spam over the past few days.

This year I've reported spam 110 days

Averaging 48.05 reports a day.

58 | 2005-04-15 | Fri

52 | 2005-04-16 | Sat

48 | 2005-04-17 | Sun

43 | 2005-04-18 | Mon

64 | 2005-04-19 | Tue

57 | 2005-04-20 | Wed

67 | 2005-04-21 | Thu

77 | 2005-04-22 | Fri

Argh... 3.6 hours to go before that 77 stops climbing :(

Mostly stock spams... Funny thing tho, seems none of the pill popping spams resolve to actual websites anymore.

I have noticed an increase in the $make$ money at home scams.

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Maybe its getting filtered better, or some of the spammers that have your e-mail address got shut down.


would you like to exchange e-mail adresses with me? :-)

Report History:

Edit: as in the other posting, the list of porn spam Subject: lines has been removed, again noting that the only real information of interest was the repeated line "No reports sent"

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oh trust me, I understand it well enough. Had this address since C.1998, and I'm pretty sure it's on the Millions CD's if they're still floating around. Gotten better about where my addy appears though, and between getting it off of scrape-able web sites and increasing my sneakemail usage (take that webmillion), the last couple years have been better than many others.

The past month has been really low for some reason (several days with no spam!), and I was just curious if anyone else saw the same or had any clues about it.

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Your e-mail address might not be easily guessable. Many spammers have given up on lists and simply use a "dictionary" type attack. They then run the "dictionary" of usernames against any domain they want. probably 90% of the spam that hits my domains aren't even addressed to a real account.

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It's not what I'd call typically dictionary-able, but it isn't too far off. My guess is that at some time it was easily scrapable, as I would get emails with my addy in the CC along with 50 others in the same domain, all in alphabetical order. (or it would be an email to all the j-starting addresses on the server.)

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