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"Help" doesn't help...what do I do next to report.

Warren C

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Newbie to Spamcop.

I'm confused as to what has to be done after the parsing is finished.

It says, " IF A REPORT IS FILED IT WOULD BE SENT TO.....(email address).

What do I do now.....?? Do I have to compose an email and send it to the "abuse[at]????" of the service providor....or has Spamcop already done it.

By the way.....the "HELP" area doesn't help in getting an answer to this question.....in the section entitled "How to report spam"....it has a whole page telling me what spam is.....DUUUUHHHHH!.......... but doesn't tell me what to do to actually get it reported.


Warren C.

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The FAQ at the top of this forum: Original SpamCop FAQ Plus - Read before Posting, FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions has a whole section on reporting including a subject: Causes of "Would send" and "If reported today, reports would be sent to:" messages

Please check it out and ask any remaining questions.

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