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Recommendations for Mailserver for WinXP?

Jeff G.

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A home office I am working with needs new mailserver software.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Standards-compliant
  • Can use a smarthost or send on its own
  • POP3 for inbox
  • IMAP4 with nested folders
  • Support for IP-based Block Lists (Domain-based a plus)
  • Runs on WinXP
  • Free or inexpensive

Unfortunately, GroupWise is getting godawful expensive to maintain, and David Harris's Mercury fails on the "nested folders" bit. :(


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Actually, juggling OE, Pegasus, and Mercury, we have found the following with reference to IMAP:

  • The top level in Mercury is a "Filing tray".
  • A "Filing tray" can only contain Folders or other "Filing trays".
  • A Folder can only contain messages.
  • Pegasus can only create a "Filing tray" if its use of nested folders is disabled. OTOH, OE can't create a "Filing tray".
  • When Pegasus is asked to delete a "Filing tray" or Folder, it merely hides that item. OTOH, OE can delete that item.
  • When Pegasus is asked to delete a message, it merely flags the message as deleted and hides it. OE does the same thing, but hiding is optional.
  • We can't find a way for Pegasus to show, purge, or undelete deleted messages. OE can do all of these.
  • Pegasus is an extreme CPU hog, and craps out frequently.

The upshot is that we are using Pegasus only to create "Filing trays", and OE to actually work with the mail.

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If it's of any value .... I've done Mercury, Pegasus, but have used 602Lan Suite in the last half-dozen or so small-office / home business setups ... use it here on one of my own LAN segments ... but, again noting, that it's a lot more than just an e-mail client, so maybe it's overkill in your present quest ..

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OK, should have gone back in and checked that one .. it does offer a web-based interface, but having only checked that it works amd no complaints thus far ....

actually had been struggling in other areas on it .. had jacked a copy of their current version on a scrap system here, then was trying to access it via and old 386 laptop, Win 3.1, 2400 baud modem (7 desktop/towers with only one having a modem installed, three external modems but only 2 power supplies (??), 25-pin cables all over the place but need a 25 to 9 pin adaptor for the one system I wanted to play with (where the heck is that box of crap?) laptop was handy).. ran into some message in the handshake (3rd-party security device ..) been pulling my hair out on this one .. found an ancient Intel page dealing with a Shiva box (noting that IE3 winsock credits include Shiva) ... one of those days, as they say <g>

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