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Need help deciding if this is spam


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Our college's website was recently "scraped" for email addresses by an outside organization that's purporting to represent our colleges interests with the state government. I have never heard of this organization before.

I sent an email to the organization telling them that I didn't appreciate the fact that they harvested our website and likened their tactics to spammers. I received an email back letting me know that I was "hostile" and "bizarre" and not to contact them again.

I'm hoping you can help me decided if I should report them as spammers or just let it drop.

Thanks for any help!!

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You don't say how you discoved that "your website was scraped" ... Are log files recorded and locked away for 'evidence' for example?

But, based on your description of "services" offered by this company, it sounds to me like the school administration should be contacted / alerted. You may be attempting to 'fight' something that 'they' signed up to.

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They sent everyone in the college an initial email stating "ANJCCF obtained your college email address from your college’s website" and have been sending emails to everyone about once a week.


If that's not spam, then I don't know what is. Report everything they send to you and send a campuswide email explaining how to use SpamCop. A month or three on the blacklist sounds just like what they need.

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I agree with Mr. Tumor. But you might want to verify with school admin that they didn't opt you into the 'service'. Since it's a school account, often they technically own that address, not you, and they would have the right (misguided though it may be) to pimp you out for a few bucks.

Just for curiosity's sake, could you post a Tracking URL, or results thereof, to one of the emails? Just curious how this 'legit and upfront' spammer is going about its business.

Finally, looking at the ANJCCF.com (also .org and .net) websites, seems like a legit organization using moronic marketing. What are the contents of the spam?:

The Association of New Jersey County College Faculties serves as a liaison among faculty members of the county colleges and enables concerted actions on matters of mutual concern.



To add your email address to ANJCCF's Community College address book select "Subscribe," fill in the required fields, and click the "Submit Form" button (it's Free).

You will receive ANJCCF's monthly InBrief newsletter containing updated information regarding NJ Higher Education.

If you do not wish to receive any more emails from ANJCCF then select "Remove me", fill in the required fields, and click the "Submit Form" button.

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Have you ever opted-in to receive e-mail from the school? If so, you might want to ask the school if they are the ones who authorized the sending of the e-mail you received. If they authorized it, ask them how to opt-out, otherwise you will keep getting more of these, perhaps from other "authorized" senders. If they didn't authorize it, I'd report it as spam and request the university look into the spammer who is tarnishing the school's reputation. Some schools actively go after anyone who is tarnishing their reputation or effecting their students. Some do not, however. But its worth a try if that is the case.

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