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Counter for e-mails filtered?


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Too bad, due to SpamCop's decentralized approach to blocking spam (i.e. blacklist users actually block the spam, not SC), we don't have figures for number of spam filtered worldwide due to the blacklist. I know that AOL advertised how many spam they had filtered and gave a little counter showing the current total for the day and month. Not sure if they still do. It sure made a statement about them blocking spam. Something like that would get people a sense of how effective SpamCop is.

You probably could do that for SpamCop E-mail Service though, where you put on the front page of SpamCop the number of spam filtered as a running total. At the very least, it would show that without SpamCop, the spam would be even worse.


Showing such a figure would show results, which would motivate people more than figures simply showing number of reports. I think that some people are doubting how effective reports are. They need to see how their reports are creating results.

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