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Mailhost System Configuration Explanation

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[The following is quoted from Edit mailhost configuration, but you should use your own "Mailhosts" link because it is coded with your own Authorization Code.]

Mailhost configuration

SpamCop is undergoing has undergone a major renovation to the underlying logic which it uses to determine spam sources. Soon Eventually, all SpamCop users will be required to use this new system, completing additional setup steps. Some "unique" users may not be able to report all the spam they have in the past.

Why? This is being done because of ongoing problems - spammers have finally begun doing what we have known they could do all along - create really convincing mail header forgeries. These forgeries make SpamCop think spam is being sent from innocent sites where it is actually not. Clearly, this must be stopped. Currently, only a few spam forgeries cause serious problems for SpamCop, but if this problem is not solved, it will become much worse. Even now, a few mis-identified innocent sites are a big problem. This system promises to eliminate the forgery problem forever, while also avoiding problems caused by other less-drastic attempts to mitigate the forgeries. However, it does require more involvement from SpamCop users.

When? For now, this new system is optional. You may chose to use it or not. However, users are encouraged to start using it immediately. Once we have some feedback from users, and have addressed the most serious problems, it will become mandatory for all users. In the future, we may make other changes which will make reporting spam easier. For example, if we can be sure there are no errors, we may be able to dispense with additional user confirmation when spam is submitted. [Quick Reporting]

How? For users with only one email address, the process is easy. Simply click the Add/Change link below and follow the instructions. For users using their SpamCop email exclusively, the process is even easier - it is already done (visiting this page has activated it!). Note that if you forward SpamCop email into or from the SpamCop system, you still have to configure the other accounts involved.

For users with multiple accounts, the proceedure is slightly more difficult. For example, a user with two forwarding addresses configured to forward to one email account should first configure the main account, then configure each of the forwarding accounts:


In example 1, Account C should be configured first, then B and then A. In example 2, Account C should be configured first, followed by A and B in no particular order. Accounts should be configured in reverse order of email delivery. That is, if an email is received first at address A, then that account should be the last to be configured with SpamCop.

Warning: If you use this new system, you must complete the configuration process for all accounts where you receive spam. If you fail to complete the configuration for one of your legitimate mail hosts, you may cause SpamCop to attribute spam to it. Once you begin the migration process, do not report any more spam until it is complete. For now, there is an option to revert away from this new system. However, users are urged to try the new system and post problems in the forum rather than reverting. At least, do not do both - reverting your account will make it more difficult for us to diagnose problems.

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updated to use tags to pull in the graphic ..... appled strike-out codes to the word "new" .... added the [Quick Report] identification ... there should be a note that MailHost configuration is now a requirement for Quick Reporting approval ..????

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