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Getting a lot of 'nothing to do' when trying to report


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39 minutes ago, mrpHil said:

AmazonAWS spamming Gmail accounts Amazon reject abuse reports from SpamCop
my "preamble" in every report I forward to them just started adding 2 days ago actually ceased yesterday. so it seems Amazon do know this criminal and are cooperating in the spam attack. 

Banning all Amazon purchases because of inept AWS abuse responses to AmazonAWS DDoS multiple IP email attacks  
Criminal phishing, bogus reply address, bogus unsubscribe(NEVER subscribed), DDoS

I will never buy anything from amazon or it's subsidiaries EVER!
Suggest you forward from your WebMail gmail account (mark phishing) with headers and body to
stop-spoofing[AT]amazon.com abuse[AT]amazonaws.com, abuse[AT]amazon.com, ec2-abuse[AT]amazon.com, ipmanagement[AT]amazon.com, phishing-report[AT]us-cert.gov

Put  my preamble or similar above headers then a space before headers/body text


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3 hours ago, mrpHil said:

Amazon are incompetent and won't accept SpamCop reports 
The only way to attempt to report directly from your Gmail WEB account to abuse[AT]amazonaws.com
And Mark it phishing
Amazon replied to me that I didn't do this, which I did send all headers

    * Complete, accurate timestamps of the activity including: (one email per report, please)
        - Date
        - Time
        - Time Zone
    * All source IPs
    * All source port(s) & protocol(s)
    * Destination IP(s)
    * Destination port(s) and protocol(s)
    * Full e-mail header and HTML content of the spam message

I sent/parsed it through SpamCop 
Seems you don't know your job very well?
 all headers, time stamps were sent
Your IP  is listed as a Botnet
see and have machine scanned 

This IP is infected (or NATting for a computer that is infected) with an botnet that is emitting email spam. The infection is probably auto.

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