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[Resolved] Adding fuel via Paypal


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1 hour ago, Appleseed said:

I added more fuel to my account via Paypal almost week ago, but its still not added to the account.

How long does it usually takes? I did send the account name and the email address via the payment so there should be no problem with that.

You have a WORKING contact email for SpamCop?                                                                                           comtact  

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Please send me details at service@ spamcop.net.  I see your account and there has been no credits.  However, we have not used Paypal for a couple of years and no longer have a Paypal account.  All payments are now through Stripe.  I have a couple of failed payments in Stripe for 9/16 and 9/18, but they don't look they are connected to you.

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1 hour ago, Appleseed said:

It ask log in information.  Do i have a account there?

Paypal was much easier. And i already send money via Paypal, who got it?

You have a SpamCop account
Try here you have to register with a working email address
Richard W
 will get back to you I'm just a member like you
You need to cancel PayPal transaction.

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6 hours ago, Appleseed said:

Thats why i like to use Paypal. I know who is handling the transfers and that my card information wont leak anywhere.

Agree, you are insured as well PayPal will refund on a "dodgy" deal

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18 hours ago, Lking said:

I concur.  Have used them for years and have had experience getting a refund when the seller did not deliver.

They are awesome. Two times they have been refunded to me and both times they did use their own money. Even when the second one was years old payment.

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