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Do it yourself spam reporting


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I've been innundated with spam. I like the idea of reporting it all, but it's simply not possible for me to spend 2 hours every morning submitting to spamcop. I've also contacted my isp and requested that they implement SCBL. They've indicated intrest, but it doesn't appear that it's happened as yet.

The past two weeks have been horrible for me, so I rewrote MailReport. It's a do-it-urself spam reporting tool. I've tweeked it to do better whois lookups, though that still needs a little more tweaking, and cut down on the number of clicks required to send spam reports.

Of course, over the day and a half it took me to re-write this program, about 140 spams built up in my Junk box. I managed to report them all in about 50 min, upon completing the first draft of the re-write.

I still report spam to spamcop when I'm not innundated, but if I could forward reports to spamcop in my little proggie, I'd be very happy to. I've thought about automating that, but understand it's against the rules, so I haven't even considered it.

However, if I could get some ppl here to check this program out, and offer advice, I'd be pleased to make corrections and additions given time.

I intend to turn it into an open source project hosted by SourceForge.net if they'll accept it. Although I don't know if it's a good idea to place this tool in the hands of the general public. Which is *another reason* I raise the offer here.

If you've got python experience, I might send the source. However, I have a windows installable version. I use PostgreSQL to store reporting information. Although I've not tested it w/out stuff a database full of spam, it should work w/out PostgreSQL.

In ether case, the database tables will probably be changing sometime in the future, and you'll have to install postgres and run a few scripts to get that setup, should you wish to use that feature.

Let me know if you are interested.


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