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what the h#*l is that


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While you think this is a conspiracy, I think it is simply overworked, under trained support personnel. 

Adelphia's agreement from their web site: http://www.adelphia.com/esafety/Adelphia_H...rev11_15_04.pdf

I have also requested information about what these "consumption limits" are for the Adelphia network though they are written vague enough that they might not be currently in effect but the right is reserved.


Welcome to the "new world order" :blink:

Australian "Supermarkets" are into a annoying habit of moving/changing product whereabouts of goods

The "official" explanation is that they wish all stores to be uniform with one

The real reason is that the current "text book" (they all use) states the longer you can keep customers in stores the more they buy

Television current "textbooks" claim that by delaying advertised program times (often by 30 minutes) It "hooks" people into watching 30 minutes of some boring horror like "the young and the useless" to get you hooked on both programs

Politics are finding that using the "Power of Nightmares" keeps you effectively voting for someone you probably shouldn't (banned in the USa & probably Australia)

A Canadian Magician friend of mine "The GREAT Wazzoo" (of all names) Makes animal balloons which he sells to kids, his carnival operatives "pop" the balloons The kids cry and parents buy more?

I find it hard to believe that "uselessness" or dopiness is a theme that ISP's use to cover up the antics they all use from the SAME text book other ISP's use is believable

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