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Spam zombies make money for the ISP


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Plagerised from Reduce spam by educating your ISP

spam zombies make money for the ISP

Think about it. If one residential user's PC is sending 100,000 spams/day, and we assume a typical spam message is 4 Kb, that's a transmission of more than 11 Gb/month! Most ISPs are going to charge an extra fee to a residential, broad-band user for using so much bandwidth.

What's worse is that ignorant users may not realize why their bandwidth is so high (when they see the surcharges on their bill). When they phone up the customer support about thier bill, the ISP may encourage them to upgrade to a higher forfeit bandwidth package. Zombies are not the only reason why bandwidth usage could be high. Peer-to-peer applications (BitTorrent, E-mule, etc.) are very popular. A user running one of these applications and also infected with a zombie would have to be fairly sophisticated to be able to know what percentage of bandwidth was due to zombie spams originating from his PC.

I'm not saying that ISPs have a formal policy to not shut down zombies because they generate traffic. But it's clear that if we allow them to keep their zombies, they are profiting from it!

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