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Feds shut down Burnsville Internet pharmacy


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Online pharmacy defendant charged with plot to kill witness

The Prior Lake man operated an online pharmacy that allegedly sold pain medications and other narcotics without prescriptions.


Glenn Howatt, Star Tribune

Last update: March 23, 2006 – 6:51 AM

A Prior Lake man accused of running a fraudulent Internet pharmacy has been charged with conspiring to kill a witness who was expected to testify against him, the U.S. attorney's office said Wednesday.

Christopher William Smith, 26, discussed threatening, intimidating and killing an unnamed witness about two weeks ago in telephone calls he made from the Sherburne County jail, according to the indictment.

Smith is in jail awaiting trial on federal charges associated with Xpress Pharmacy Direct of Burnsville, an Internet and telemarketing operation that sold pain medications and other narcotics without valid prescriptions.


Sounds like Smith is getting desparate. How dare someone shut down his illegal business. I think Smith needs to spend a long, long time in prison as it is obvious that he has no regard for the law.

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How dangerous is this guy and his affiliates?

I know a family who is involved/or has been involved with this guy. The family was in the online degree business, and they got sued by the state of Pennsylvania and shut it down. However, one of the family members went to Canada and worked for Rizzler doing the online pharmacy. The other family member supposedly got out of it and did not join. However, he is now involved in some "internet advertising" thing but won't give any details. I have a feeling he is still involved with Rizzler in some form or fashion, and I have a feeling this family is probably helping run Rizzler's businesses while he is in prison. However, I have no idea and want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt that he got out of it and is doing something legitimate, even though he won't give any major details.

Anyway, if any of you know for sure, is this Rizzler guy apart of organized crime, Russian mafia, etc.? Should I run far far away from this family that I think is involved with this guy? Is Rizzler and his associates dangerous, or is he just a young rich punk who wants to act like he's something?

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I would say that Rizler is very, very dangerous. I know personally.

There is a lot that has not come out in the media or the court documents, and maybe never will, but if it did, it would make a great movie. There is a weak link to the Russian Mafia, but it is a Kevin Bacon type link. Not a first degree, but more of a 3rd degree. Even though I suspect it, it hadn't been actually proven yet.

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