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saving email on spamcop account

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(Deleted your second / duplicated Topic)

Have you looked into using an IMAP connection?

Here's a worst case scenario suggestion;

Turn off the "automatic" polling of the SpamCop account under Outlook

Set up an IMAP connection with Outlook Express

Create new folders for the stuff your want to 'keep' on the SpamCop server.

Check SpamCop e-mail account using Outlook Express .. handle contents.

When happy. then kick Outlook into gear to snag the remaining e-mail from SpamCop to your system.

Perhaps complicated, perhaps 'the' solution ... but something to start looking at ..

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Looks like a trip to the "How to Use... Forum" might help .. I've got some entries there that talk about the "Reply button confusion" ... (was going to delete another post, edit the next, but see you've already done the first, will hold off on the second <g> .. thanks)

Anyway, as I'm not an e-mail user, there's bound to be an easier answer ... I just put together data I've read here before ... including getting around the issues of Outlook mangling e-mail in general ...

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