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Multiple Forwarding Addresses


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I currently use spamcop with 3 different email addresses, all of which forward to my spamcop email address first, which then forwards them back to a bellsouth email account set up just for receiving the mail back. This has the effect of consolidating all of my emails into a single account. Well... I've moved to a different center in the university here and they want me to begin using Outlook (instead of eudora) to recieve my university emails. I'm none to keen on this for several reasons:

1 - I don't mind having my emails in multiple applications, however, the university has recently "accidentally" subscribed all the faculty and staff email addresses to some big spam lists and now we all get 10-20 offers a day for stock quotes, cialis, and housewife expeditions.

2 - Outlook sux.

Is there some way, or is it a new feature, to have the spamcop mail system identify multiple incoming forwarding addresses, process the mail, and then forward back out to different systems? This way, I could have my home and business email go through the system and end up at my bellsouth account under Eudora, and my university email go through the system and end up at my outlook.



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