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Eonix.net helping spammers?


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On 5/17/2021 at 11:18 AM, davem said:

I'd love it if someone could show me a spamassassin rule that would block this Eonix traffic.

I don't see Eonix traffic for some reason, so I am not able to test this and it will probably need some modification.  But something like this spamassassin rule, which was built using the above criteria, should work for you.

header RULENAME1  X-spam-Relays-Untrusted =~ /^[^\]+ ip=50\.[23]\./i
header RULENAME2  Received =~ /BestWebHosting\.com/i
header RULENAME3  From =~ /BestWebHosting\.com/i
score  RULENAME  1.5


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I have good news to report about Eonix/Serverhub.

My preference is to get hosting companies to live up to their Unsolicited Bulk Email Communications (spam) Policy. I start that by getting the spam email's sending IP address from the email headers, look up the IP address in ARIN, copy the email address listed for abuse, and then send an email to that email address with the full raw email headers for the spam email letting them know they have a client violating their Acceptable Use Policy and then ask them to take action to stop the spamming.

In my last post I mentioned Eonix had responded to my email and several days latter the spammer stopped.  Then several days after they stopped they started again but from a different IP address range so I repeated my process, Eonix responded, and 1-2 days later the spamming stopped. The pattern repeated about 6 times and then no more spam from Eonix. About a month later the process repeated again.

In April there was a half day of spam but it stopped on it's own. In May there was a day of spam but it stopped on it's own. And that's where things stand now.

Each time I report spam to net-abuse@eonix.net they create a ticket. They allow anyone to create an account and I used mine to track the tickets they created about my spam reports, and they eventually get closed when the spamming stops.

So my experience has been that if I report spam to Eonix they respond by getting the spam shut down.

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