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spamcop_from_address and spamcop_to_address do not work on new server (?)


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I migrated my mailserver to a new machine. I report spam using

spamassassin -r < message

called by a inotify scri_pt, monitoring an IMAP directory in which I move spam manually.

In the past I had spamcop_from_address and spamcop_to_address in local.cf and this worked well. In the new machine, I see that local.cf gets read

Jun  5 17:53:00.309 [11949] dbg: config: read file /etc/spamassassin/local.cf

but the spam reports do not use the spamcop_from_address and spamcop_to_address ...

Jun  5 17:53:10.028 [11949] dbg: reporter: SpamCop sent FROM <user>@<machine>
Jun  5 17:53:10.029 [11949] dbg: reporter: SpamCop received 250 sender <<user>@<machine>> ok
Jun  5 17:53:10.196 [11949] dbg: reporter: SpamCop sent TO spamassassin-submit@spam.spamcop.net

and my spam reports do not get work 😞

Fancy is that both machines use spamassassin 3.4.2

Any hint is welcome.




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