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Can SpamCop Stop Accepting These Emails?

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I cancelled my dialup service. All my email was being forwarded autmatically to my SpamCop account. When I cancelled, I asked them to stop forwarding the email since I no longer had an account with them. Well, they haven't, and repeated calls do no good, so all emails to my now defunct ISP account are still being forwarded to SpamCop.

Is there someone at SpamCop that can contact me, and not accept emails from my old ISP?


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Thank you. I was looking for the "contact" info but couldn't find it. Hence my posting to the message board.

I have sent an email using the link you provided.

Thanks again. :)


...Glad to have been able to help. No problem with your not having been able to find it -- I've seen it before several times and still had problems finding it this time! :) <g>
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