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Snowbat - "Using rdns to route to correct Microsoft department" but reports go to the spammer

Recommended Posts is Microsoft but Spamcop reports directly to the spammer. I've seen similar misreporting for other Microsoft-hosted spammers.



Tracking message source:

Routing details for
[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse@microsoft.com
Using best contacts abuse@microsoft.com
Using rdns to route to correct Microsoft department
host = id1.saudoemprimeirolugarfiqueemcasavendofilmes.com. (cached)
abuse net id1.saudoemprimeirolugarfiqueemcasavendofilmes.com = postmaster@saudoemprimeirolugarfiqueemcasavendofilmes.com, postmaster@id1.saudoemprimeirolugarfiqueemcasavendofilmes.com

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