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mail hosts does not recogize all mailchannels hosts

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On 1/20/2021 at 12:16 AM, MarkA said:

Well, nobody gives a hoot about this.  I've spent several hours on it but can't do any more.  SpamCop admin won't state which RFCs are not compliant in the sending configuration headers, if any, and DreamHost doesn't think it's an issue after working with them.  So here we are. It's broken some place but nobody wants to take ownership, see it through and fix it.  SpamCop doesn't work any more with DreamHost.  Glad I didn't renew my paid account here. 


I discovered that Dreamhost had without telling me changed my email settings to activate incoming spam filtering.  Once I turned that off again the MailChannels problem disrupting spamcop parsing went away because they were no longer interfering with incoming mail.

But MailChannels/Dreamhost causes other problems, including false flagging on outgoing mail leading to false positive spam scores, and it's very difficult to get a response from a competent support person from either finger-pointing company.

A long time ago Dreamhost was very good for flexible email configuration with a shell account.  Over the years they have steadily reduced email service to an inflexible "lowest common denominator" approach, along with recurring devastating failures in service and poor to awful support in response.  Inserting MailChannels disruptions into the mail flow is part of that.  At first, a vps could get around most of it, but even that has been disrupted as Dreamhost VPS has become a restricted VVPS (virtual virtual private server).

It all seems to be part of the trend to replace personal computing with corporate-controlled appliances where you do what you're told as they invade your privacy.



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