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forwarded spam being returned

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4 hours ago, randallw said:

Command output: filter: Temporary SpamAssassin failure ( spamc returned 74 )

Looks to me like your email provider is "preventing" you from sending spam. In the past this has been caused by things as simple as your ISP's filter seeing the word spam or identifying your attachments as spam, which of course they are!

You need to talk to your email provider and explain why you are sending spam to spamcop and get them to change their system parameters.

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On 12/29/2020 at 5:32 PM, randallw said:

For about a week much of my forwarded spam can't be delivered.

I don't currently have a problem submitting my forwarded spam all week.

Last time I had a problem with the forwarding, I was able to check out the reply and the headers to find it was my ISP that was blocking the forwarding.

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