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Credit Card problems

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When trying to renew my spamcop email account I noted that the credit card processing has changed since last year and is now done by PayPal.

After discovering that there was a hold on my Visa card, I tried other cards and kept getting

> "Based on the details of your transaction, you will need to sign up for a

> PayPal account and get verified to complete this payment. Once your account

> is verified, you can return to the merchant's site to initiate this payment

> again. Please provide the information requested below and click 'Save

> Information' to sign up."

If any poster on this board can throw any light on what problem is being reported (Jeff the email guru doesn't know) or can otherwise help, please post !

The hold has now been released and the original card now gets the above message too.

Have any Brits succeeded in paying with a UK card since the PayPal change ?

Help !

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It's been a while, so I just waded through one of my client's paypal account configuration stuff, there's a number of items PayPal is using to prevent fraud, one of which os setting locales for acceptable charges, but I can't see that happening for the SpamCop system. That said, and recalling that there was a bit of a snafu a while back with some validation codes (I believe there's a note in the Announcements section) .. but that was from Don about the reporting side of the house ... I honestly don't know if JT processes payments in conjunction with or on his own. That said, I think you'll have to hit him dorectly on your account status at support <at> spamcop.net .. please provide enough data that he can run with it on that first e-mail.

It may be something as simple as the crossing borders thing, it might be something with the addresses involved ... for instance, one girl has her business accounts showing a P.O.Box as the first line in her physical address, but when filling out forms, she inputs a 'street' address, which then causes some issues at places, as the input address doesn't match the 'recorded' address ... may or may not have any bearing, but additional data none the less.

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in general, paypal account doesn't need to be fully verified to make credit card payments. It does sound like michaelanglo has an account (otherwise he wouldn't have credit cards listed there). Full verification involves adding a bank account. I haven't done this, so I always get a 'please add a bank account to Get Verified!" message after I login. Doesn't keep me from doing other stuff with the Credit Card though.

Now I do seem to recall that when you add a new credit card, such card isn't immediately 'verified'. And then there's the part where your addresses have to be confirmed (by matching to a checking or credit card account).

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Thanks for your replies, friends.

"When trying to renew my spamcop email account I noted that the credit card processing has changed since last year and is now done by PayPal."

I followed the path marked "I do not have a PayPal account" so PayPal is just doing the processing that any credit card processor might do.

Jeff T ? knowns about my problem but I assume Credit card processing is just a black box and indeed PayPal may not even know for anti-fraud purposes that I am renewing rather than a first timer.

The problem may be an address problem, a name problem (my card says Mr M R Surname and the form asked for "first name from the card") or something else.

I hoped to find someone who had got over the problem.

If getting a PayPal account was required I would expect a message saying so.

Since the failures I have set up an PayPal account but it is unverified since (a) I don't really want to give them bank account access and (B) I get bank statements every 3 months so verification as described will take a very long time.

I suppied a Maestro/Switch card number but that didn't enable me to do anything useful towards paying Spamcop mail.


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OK folk, I Googled the phase "Based on the details of your transaction, you will need to sign up ...." and found the problem is fairly well known to PayPal developers and persons attempting to use what PayPal call :-

"PayPal Account Optional"

Apparently if your payment is more than a country limit (which can be zero) or a issuing bank limit (where PayPal thinks the bank is 'small' or that the bank doesn't do the latest forms of verification online) or various other PayPal double talk about privacy.

Then you get this message (mainly an outside NA problem)

Complaints from Germany, UK, Australia about inability and/or cutomers going elsewhere rather than wait 4 days or more.

Sigh, sigh.

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