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Extension for Thunderbird 78+ : Just Report It


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On 2/21/2021 at 10:18 AM, Tau said:


There's a new extension that could be very useful for Thunderbird's users:

Just Report It



That is great news. However, when I suggest people use real email and get Tbird, I get the deer in headlights looking back at me. Too, it's hundreds of people doing the job that ONE mailserver should be doing. 

I found today that all my manual reporting of domain 170.209.130.* spam for the last 2 - 3 weeks does nothing to stop it. That is in another post. But it is nice to see Tbird is still getting some add-ons.

Thanks for the tip,




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i have installed the Add in Thunderbird and it´s great. 👍

You must name your EMail-Accounts and the Mail-Servers at beginning (once) and than send a Mail to SpamCop Support to arm the Service for you.

After this, you can Push the Button and the spam is ready as attachment (eml-Format) at the automaticaly generated Mail. Just press send and ready.


One thing... the Add is in Dutch, so don´t be surprised... 😁

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52 minutes ago, StephenG said:

One thing... the Add is in Dutch, so don´t be surprised... 😁

I think it's multilingual, it seems to adapt to Thunderbird's language. The screenshots on the addon's page are in english, on my system it's in French. 😉

One more thing to add: the developer is very reactive and open to suggestions. 👍

EDIT: I've checked by changing Thunderbird's language, it's definitely multilingual.

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3 hours ago, StephenG said:

My TB is in German, so i become Dutch... 😁


I've checked, by extracting the content of the xpi file (it's a Zip format), and that's an error from the dev: the file content for german is in dutch,  and there is no file for a dutch translation. I found also that this error was spotted here:  https://github.com/justreportit/thunderbird/issues/7

You could notify him about that on addons.thunderbird.net☺️

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21 minutes ago, StephenG said:

Made it an he still reply for that. Will fix this in next Release... First class... 👍

Great, thanks Stephen ! I'm glad for German folks! He must have mistaken dutch for deutch 😄.


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