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Adding mail relay to Mailhost problem

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Hey Peeps.

I'm having problems adding a mail relay to the Mailhosts.

I've entered all the details as requested and at the last step before spamcop sends the test mail it gives me the mail server address


but I dont have direct access to the mail server as it just forwards any mails to an alternative email address..

eg mails sent to my[at]company.co.uk get sent to my[at]hotmail.co.uk for instance.

So do I register it as my[at]hotmail.co.uk or as the front end address my[at]company.co.uk?



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Welcome, Danny.

In the case you cited, you should register the destination of the forward (my[at]hotmail.co.uk) first, and then the source of the forward (my[at]company.co.uk).

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