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"Report Spam" function of Mail for OS X

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yes, that's where I went to snag the link ... and on that page is just the comment that the basic mail scri_pt just won't make it and lists the plug-in as a possible tool .. if there were instructions, I would have taken JeffG's rejoinder to link that page, but in this case, there are no instructions and the OP was talking about this specifc tool .... I still wish that guy would have chosen another name for it ...

and, yes, it's a definite Mac issue

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Greetings and thanks to all involved in SpamCop.  I've just begun reporting and learning and when I use the "report spam" function of Mail for OS X it says too much data or no data.  Can you tell me what I've done wrong?  Many Thanks.

Recently installed the same software myself. Works great. Some messages are in character sets that SC barfs on or are just too big. I'd try the following:

1) Delete all unreported spam

2) Report a single piece of spam that is small and not in a funky char set.

See if that works for you. If not let me know and we can take the discussion to private mail.

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