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Spamcop reporting email rejected

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Until recently I had no problem automatically reporting spam email via Mailwasher Pro 7 but now I’m getting a mail delivery system email saying “This message has been rejected because it has a potentially executable attachment "reported-1.eml". This form of attachment has been used by recent viruses or other malware.

I’ve double checked the email address from Spamcop is correct and reset the Spamcop settings in Mailwasher just to be sure but it’s not fixed it.

I’m at the end of my technical know how and would appreciate some advice on what to do please.

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Who is rejecting it SpamCop or your ISP?
ISP's sometimes like to fix things not broken. 
Parse the bounce by SpamCop web parser to see who bounced it, don't submit.
Also do this with the spam you summitted

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I have never seen SpamCop mail servers reject email, but I have seen gmail, hotmail, and yahoo all reject email being forwarded to SpamCop's servers. The bounce should have something in it that will tell you what server rejected it. If it was SpamCop's servers, then I would suggest you contact the deputies.
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