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How does SpamCop handle website redirects?


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I was wondering...

Just as a comparison, I've been practicing on digging up the information myself using Sam Spade, then comparing the email addresses I'd dug out to those that SpamCop was reporting to.

Then, I came across a spammer who did 6 redirects in a row on this websites. He was all over the globe... Brazil, Russia, Romania, US, China and Canada, if I remember correctly. I dug up a lot of email addresses, while SpamCop only reported to the first website's reporting address.

Does SpamCop handle website redirects? If not, are there plans in the works to make it do so?

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No, the SpamCop parser does not follow redirects. It's something that a lot of folks have begged for over the years, and I'm sure not going to speak for Julian, but even ignoring the code that would be required, it's a matter of resources. Perhaps you'd not noticed / read another thread in this Forum ... http://alpha.cesmail.net/graphics/spamstats.gif (please note the "per second" scaling factor)

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